Brocade Mouse & Royal Cat (2021) [Action]

Brocade Mouse

Download Brocade Mouse & Royal Cat Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

The ancient costume martial arts action movie “Brocade Mouse & Royal Cat” tells the story of the silent night, the blood wolf eats the moon, and the green eyes of Tianji Pavilion slowly light up.

A conspiracy within a conspiracy is about to be unveiled. Hold your breath! You can live. If you don’t respect the blood wolf, what you get is death.

“Royal Cat” Zhan Zhao and “Golden Mouse” Bai Yutang work together to investigate a series of bizarre deaths in Bianliang City and restore the people to live in peace.

  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Comedy
  • Stars: Minghan He, Tat-Wah Lok, Zai Mire
  • Country: China
  • Runtime: 83mins

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