Treasure Planet (2002) [Action]

Treasure Planet

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On the planet Montressor, young Jim Hawkins is enchanted by stories of space pirate Captain Flint and his ability to strike suddenly and disappear without a trace, hiding his loot on the fabled “Treasure Planet”.

Twelve years later, Jim has grown into an aloof troublemaker after his father abandoned him when he was a child. He reluctantly helps his mother Sarah run the Benbow Inn, and is caught by police after recklessly skysurfing with a rocket-powered sailboard.

A spaceship crashes near the inn, and the dying pilot, Billy Bones, gives Jim a sphere and warns him to “beware the cyborg”. Pirates attack, burning down the inn, and Jim flees with his mother and their dog-like friend, Dr. Delbert Doppler. Jim discovers that the sphere contains a holographic star map, leading to the location of Treasure Planet, and decides to seek out the legendary fortune.

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi
  • Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brian Murray, David Hyde Pierce
  • Runtime: 95mins

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